custom coffee co.

Create your own coffee brand.

Custom Coffee Co is here to help you develop your own unique bag of coffee. Whether its a one-off bag, a weekly supply for your office, retail or wholesale. Below you will find all the information about designing, purchasing and receiving your coffee from Custom Coffee Co. 

CUrrent coffee LIST  

There is no style over substance at the Custom Coffee Co. We offer a variety of beans from around the world, chosen for their quality and flavour.  We roast all beans to order here in the UK. Our current coffee list varies as we continue to source new beans from independent suppliers, depending on seasonality.


Aroma: Sweet (caramel), Cocoa
Flavor: Sweet, Citrus, Nutty (slight)
Body: Medium
Acidity: Bright, Citric 


Aroma: Vanilla, Hazelnut
Flavor: Chocolatey, Nutty
Body: Round, Medium
Acidity: Balanced


Aroma: Intense, Fragrant
Flavor: Citrus, Tropical Fruit, Apricot
Body: Light 
Acidity: Low


Aroma: Brown Sugar
Flavor: Chocolate, Fruit and Nut. Buttery Mouth Feel
Body: Medium
Acidity: Low

*All coffee supplied as beans in 1kg bags



 choose to go carbon neUtRAL WITH your business 


The Custom Coffee Co are serious about coffee, but we are also committed to doing our part for the planet. That is why we offer a carbon neutral option for our business customers. For an additional £1 per bag of coffee we guarantee that a tree will be planted through the ‘one tree planted’ program in the region from which your coffee came. This mitigates your carbon footprint meaning that you can enjoy a more ethical brew.

We offer resealable, recycled kraft bags to lower your carbon footprint even further.